Breakfast and (an attempt at) prop shopping in Berlin



It's Sunday morning in Berlin and we are as fresh as, well a sweet Sunday morning! We are only in town for 2 days so we head straight to the Markthalleneun Breakfast Market.  It's only on every third Sunday of the month, so we are in luck!  After a quick recce, we decided upon the huevos rancheros stall.  These are Mexican eggs on steroids so we decide to share.  A tactical manoeuvre that'll allow us room for a Pastéis de Nata, a classic Portuguese custard tart.  A wise move that will sustain us in the Berlin autumn sunshine as we get the u-Bahn to my happy place- Mauer Park. I fell in love with this place on my first visit to the city. It's kinda like the famous Glasgow Barras in a park but with sunshine, karaoke and beer. Another great example of how the Berliners re-use once hostile spaces and turn them into a community space. Today, however, it's packing! Far too busy to have a good raid, which I’m pretty gutted about. We have a quick scan around the stalls for any curiosities, grab a little Korean dumping, a beer and head for the hill. There's a street band playing a brass version of 50 Cents' 'In da club', they're pretty good at it. The same can't be said for they're other tunes but the sun is out and we have a cold beer. A perfect day in Berlin! Alles ist gut.